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Getting ready for reentry

Inmates are getting help at prison transition fairs

by Nicholas Backus,Staff Writer/ Published: Wednesday, August 24, 2011 12:19 PM CDT

LINO LAKES – Among the hardened faces at the prison last week, there were more reasons than one to crack a nervous smile or two.

Inmates attending the transitions fair are all scheduled to exit prison within one year, and the fair was a chance to get some help. For some, being released from the daily routine of prison life can also bring feelings of anxiety of the unknown.

Inmate Mark Larson, in prison on weapon charges, is overwhelmed by the fact he’s getting out this November.

“It’s scary to get this close (to release) while not having the information (provided at the fair),” Larson, 28 said. “It’s overwhelming finding out that I didn’t have the information that I thought I did.”

About 40 social services vendors from across the state visited the Lino Lakes Correctional Facility in Minnesota on Aug. 16 to help soon-to-be released prisoners reintegrate into society. It’s part of the DOC’s efforts to confront and cut down on state recidivism rates of about 50 percent, which means half of all ex-offenders end up committing crimes and get reincarcerated.

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Aug. 9, 2010

by David Tenenbaum

Wisconsin - It comes as no surprise that many children suffer when a parent is behind bars. But as rates of incarceration grew over the past 30 years, researchers were slow to focus on the collateral damage to children.

The best estimate says that at any one time, 1.7 million (about 2.3 percent) of all American children have a parent in prison, says Julie Poehlmann, a professor in the School of Human Ecology and investigator at the Waisman Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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