Kansas - Johnson County’s newly expanded jail has been running near its 814-inmate capacity and sometimes more as the emptied jail in Olathe gets remodeled.

Just as staffs for doctors and dentists call to remind patients of appointments, callers will soon tell Johnson County offenders of court date

If the defendants show up, they won’t have to be hauled back to jail, which would help solve a chronic problem for the county and other jurisdictions: crowded jails and too few beds for offenders who really need to be behind bars.


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By Alan Scher Zagier, Associated Press Writer

Women Inmates sharing time with their children during visit.

Patty Prewitt, second from left, and Kris Scheller, right, work on a craft project with Prewitt's daughter, Carrie Melton, left, and graddaughter Megan Lewis, 5, Saturday, Aug. 23, 2008, at the Women's Eastern Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center in Vandalia, Mo. Prewitt and Scheller are a part of the Missouri 4-H LIFE program, which tries to create a healthy environment for offenders and members of their family.

 VANDALIA, MISSOURI — The crayons, construction paper and toddlers scattered on the floor suggest a typical daycare center or kindergarten classroom. The armed guards and surveillance cameras reveal a painful reality.

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