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Advocates for nearly 56,000 New York inmates and their families have urged the state to resume free bus service to its prisons, saying visits have dropped since it was discontinued last year and the savings of $1.5 million doesn’t justify the social cost.

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On a patch of tilled earth off Warren Road in Ithaca, near where the community’s incarcerated pay in time their debt for past mistakes, the seeds have been planted and the soil meticulously maintained.

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After shutting down completely Wednesday for a facility-wide disinfecting process, the Oneida County jail is mostly back to business as usual today, officials said.

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Auburn, NY -- With bagpipe music, caps, gowns, and the pomp and circumstance of a traditional college commencement, 15 men incarcerated in Auburn Correctional Facility graduated from college while behind bars Tuesday.

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This year, the United States will release nearly three-quarters of a million people from prison, a record high. Nationally, 2.3 million people are in prison in the United States, and 95 percent of them will, at some point, get out and go home.

Society has a strong interest in keeping them home — in helping them to become law-abiding citizens instead of falling back into their old ways and returning to prison. But American programs for newly released prisoners echo the typical follies of our criminal justice system: our politicians usually believe that voters only want the emotional satisfactions of meting out maximum punishment, even if these policies lead to even more crime.

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