by Charles Davis · February 10, 2011


Randy Steidl was a poster child for the death penalty, the kind of man supporters of state executions could point to as a criminal – convicted in 1987 of murdering a newlywed couple in Illinois and burning down their home with their bodies in it – who clearly deserved the ultimate punishment.

In the years following his conviction, Steidl's guilt was repeatedly reaffirmed by Illinois judges, with even the state Supreme Court upholding his death sentence. No one could say he didn't receive a fair chance at justice, that he had not been given amble opportunity to make his case in court.

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A new report released by a panel created by Governor Quinn criticizes the Illinois Department of Correction's early-release program.

The report says the department tried to save money by releasing prisoners early but failed to take into account the possible impact on public safety.

MGT stands for "meritorious good time." It's the credit a prisoner is supposed to get for good behavior that can reduce a prison sentence by months or even years.

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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 00:07

Brady calls for prison chief's resignation


Monday, August 16, 2010

Illinois senator Bill Brady demanding resignation of corrections chief.


Bill Brady is calling for Illinois' prison chief to resign after a report showed an early release program jeopardized public safety.

The Republican state senator and candidate for governor spoke at a press conference Sunday.

He says the fact that his Democratic opponent, Governor Pat Quinn, has not replaced the director, Michael Randle, amounts to a lack of "moral responsibility."

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