A prisoner talks with his wife in California

The DC department of corrections this year eliminated all face to face visitations, in favour of a video only programme.
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Monday, 12 September 2011 16:17

Costs and Triumphs of Inmate Health Care


The Twin Falls County Jail

By the numbers

IDAHO - Outside of the $200,000 the county pays annually for in-house health care at the county jail, Twin Falls County commissioners approve contracts with local doctors in the area who provide medical care for inmates. Here are this year's contract amounts.

• Randy Slickers, doctor - $45,000 per year

• David Wilkes, dentist - $38,500 per year

• Adrian Dean, psychiatrist - $400 per month and $200 per hour

Two toy fish hang from the ceiling in one room of the Twin Falls County Jail.Unlike the rest of the building, the jail’s medical room is decorated to resemble a fishbowl. One wall is covered with blue construction paper and mesh netting; miniature toy lobsters and crabs are interwoven in the net’s twine.

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