The prosecutor in the case of George Zimmerman called the conduct of the defense lawyer 'a slippery slope' in pleading with the judge Friday to impose a gag order on all attorneys.
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The prosecutor in the case of a former neighborhood watch leader accused of shooting an unarmed black teenager in central Florida called the conduct of the defense lawyer "a slippery slope" in pleading with the judge Friday to impose a gag order on all attorneys.

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The Federal government has sued Florida’s Department of Corrections for not offering kosher meals to all prison inmates.

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 In less than 16 months, Chris Nocco, the sheriff of Pasco County, has gone from Chris Who to the Chris Wow. Gov. Rick Scott appointed Nocco, 36, as sheriff in spring 2011 to fill the vacancy left by the retirement of Bob White.

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George Zimmerman is staying in a safehouse in Seminole County after bonding out of jail for the second time, his attorneys said Sunday.

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Friday, 15 June 2012 21:09

MS DOC Sticks with Private Prisons

Sometime between the 8:45 p.m. and the 9:15 p.m. staff shift change on July 30, 2010, Tracy Alan Province, John Charles McCluskey and Daniel Kelly Renwick escaped from Arizona State Prison-Kingman. Just after 10 p.m., perimeter-patrol officers discovered a 30-by-22-inch hole in the fence. Two hours after the prison determined the inmates had escaped, Arizona Department of Corrections assumed command and the U.S. Marshals Service launched a manhunt.
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Everything is bigger in Texas, the saying goes, and that is now also true of its prison system.

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Floodwaters from torrential rains damaged homes and closed roads throughout the Florida Panhandle, cutting power to the county jail and sending residents to emergency shelters as the area braced for additional rains Sunday.

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By Ashley Lopez | 01.31.12 | 8:27 am

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The National Institute on Money in State Politics released a report yesterday that highlights the money behind the state’s renewed plans to privatize state prisons.

Even though a judge struck down the state’s plans to privatize prisons in some regions of the state last year, the Legislature has fast-tracked bills this session to allow them to take another stab at last year’s plans. In just a few weeks the state’s plans have passed through two committees and are ready for a floor vote.

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Julie Hilden

Writing materials used by inmates to write to pen pals.

Last year, on December 22, a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit affirmed a federal district court’s grant of summary judgment in a case involving prisoners’ First Amendment and due process rights.  In this column, I’ll argue that the court made the wrong call.

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Florida Prison Guards Monitoring Prison Inmates

Posted on 12 December 2011

Tallahassee, FL - The results are in: the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) is corrupt, according to its former chairwoman, a former Republican State Senator. Former chairwoman Nancy Argenziano says that corporate interests have turned the PSC into a cash machine to the great expense of friends and families of those incarcerated within the state of florida.

In Septemeber 2010, Argenziano resigned in disgust at what the Public Service Commision had become after S.B. 2626 removed the caps on the state’s phone service providers (“operator services”).

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