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State: Prisoner trades could impact Dwight

Written by Illinois State Prisons
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At least nine Illinois prison inmates could be moved to facilities outside of the state. 

 According to published reports, Gov. Pat Quinn's administration is considering moving prisoners outside of the state in exchange for inmates from the receiving states. 

The proposal to move prisoners has state lawmakers questioning the cost of inmate transfers and whether or not Illinois remaining prisons will be able to hold inmates from

Tamms Correctional Center and the all-women Dwight Correctional Center, both of which Quinn said he wants to close on Aug. 31 to save an estimated $48 millions. 

"Our correction system is already greatly overpopulated," said state Rep. Jason Barickman, R-Champaign, whose district includes the Dwight Correctional Center. "If the

governor is choosing to close prisons that is going to further aggravate that system." 

But in an effort to avoid some of that aggravation, the governor is opting to move prisoners out of the system completely, Barickman said. 

"First and foremost the ability of our state to house our criminals is a core function of the government that I believe should be provided by our state government," Barickman said. 

Quinn's administration claims only transportation costs would arise from transferring inmates to one of the 28 states with which Illinois has an agreement for prisoner trades. 

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