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Phone calls from prison


Phone calls from prison$$$


The Louisiana Public Service Commission is investigating exorbitant telephone rates charged to families of inmates in Louisiana jails and prisons.

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11:30 AM, Mar. 20, 2012
Louisiana — A Baton Rouge judge has dismissed a lawsuit that challenged Louisiana's awarding of a contract to Securus Technologies Inc. to provide inmate telephone services in state-run prisons.
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Louisiana - John Thompson narrowly escaped death by lethal injection after serving 18 years behind bars for a murder and other crimes he did not commit. He was released after evidence revealed that prosecutors withheld a blood test and other information that would have exonerated him and a jury awarded him $14 million compensation but the U.S. Supreme Court stripped him of the judgment. Despite it all, he has dedicated himself to helping others like him get their lives back on track after incarceration.

Thompson told The Final Call he was stunned but mostly saddened after the court's 5-4 reversal. He could have walked out of prison and gone into seclusion but instead, he reaches back every day by working to build Resurrection After Exoneration, a New Orleans, Louisiana-based program that helps men get back on their feet after incarceration.

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ARTHUR D. LAUCK/The Advocate
State Sen. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, left, and state Department of Corrections Undersecretary Thomas Bickham told lawmakers Tuesday that inmates are using social networking websites such as Facebook to intimidate peopl

Prison inmates would be banned from using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter through a bill that cleared a Senate committee Tuesday after a hasty rewriting to ease lawmakers’ concerns about the legality of the legislation.

“With these social networking sites, we have absolutely no control. I don’t really want to put the department in charge of who’s friending whom,” said Thomas Bickham, undersecretary of the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

Members of the Senate Committee on Judiciary B approved the legislation but chided prison officials for not doing enough to keep phones with Internet capability out of the hands of inmates.

A Facebook official said preventing the Internet traffic from streaming through the prison walls is the best solution although the social networking giant will delete inmate accounts that are updated by someone on the outside.

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