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Editorial: Felons would farm under new proposal

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diazepam na veia para que serve January 10, 2012 @ 11:13 PM The Herald-Dispatch

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valium impotence Last summer, diazepam dogs dose Ohio legislators took action to reduce state expenses by putting low-level criminal offenders into local community service programs rather than sending them to state prison.

que es el medicamento diazepam If it works, the state is valium and soma the same Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections estimates the state will save $46 million a year.

Now, local officials must figure out what to do with these people, and two valium availability Lawrence County judges have come up with an innovative idea.

Put them to work on a farm growing vegetables.

"We're looking into establishing a community service program at a farm to be established on county property," said Judge D. Scott Bowling. "The people could grow vegetables that can be used at the jail and at local senior centers. I would like to see it established this spring."

By statute, those convicted for certain non-violent crimes are no longer eligible for state prison. These would include fourth- and fifth-degree felonies such as lower value theft cases.

The community service work would not only provide food for county programs, but the judges hope it might help the offenders get their life on a better track.

"We want to give these folks work on applying and keeping a job," Judge Charles "Chuck" Cooper said. "We want someone not on drugs, to not steal and to show up for work on time."

The judges are working with the county's buy valium ireland Community Action Organization to explore grants that might help get the program off the ground, and there would be many details to work out. But it is an innovative idea that would provide a service to the community and valuable work experience that might be just what some of these offenders need.

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