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Your Account Explained

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Your Account Explained:

Balance:  This number reflects the total amount of funds available on your account to receive calls.  If your balance begins with a minus sign (-) that is a good thing.  It indicates a credit.  All Pay-As-You-Go accounts will have the balance available for reciving phone calls.  If you are taking advantage of our Unlimited calling plan your balance will be zero unless you have paid in advance for additional months.

Credit Limit:  This is always -0.50 indicating that you must always have a minimum of 50 cents on your account at all times to receive phone calls.  (This does not apply to Unlimited Calling Plan customers.)

Available funds:  This is the amount of money available to receive phone calls.  This amount reflects your balance minus the 50 cent credit limit (Unlimited Calling Plan customers will have a $0.00 balance. 

Phone Lines Balance:  This is the amount of money used by each line on your account to date.

Recent Calls:  This is a list of your last 5 phone calls.  All calls are shown in two legs.  The first leg is the inbound leg in which your inmate dials the number we have provided and the call enters our network.  The second leg is the outbound leg in which the call leaves our network and connects to your line.

Recent Calls Duration:  This is the length of your call and billed in 6 second increments.  When calls are logged in short durations it is normally because the inmate attempted to call you and received voicemail or ringtone. These charges are minimal, however, the cost of these attempts can add up if your inmate is prone to making multiple attempts on your line(s). To minimize this cost, it is advised to limit the length of your ringtone or voicemail.

Recent Calls Cost:  This is the cost for each leg of the call.  When both legs are added together it will total 5 cents per minute for your call.  For international calls, the cost of calls will vary depending upon destination.  Feel free to check out our international rates on our website on our International Inmate Calling page.

Your xDR History

Payments:  The amount of money you have paid Cheap Jail Calls since your account was activated.

Subscriptions Charged:  This is the total cost of all active telephone numbers since your account was activated.  Each phone number is $2.99 per month and will be deducted from your account balance each month on your activation date.  This is included in your normal monthly subscription fee.  For example, when you pay $17.99, $2.99 is used to cover the cost of your number and the remaining $15.00 pays for your minutes.  ($15.00 ÷ $0.05 per minute = 300 minutes)  Some of our customers are on a fixed income and cannot set their accounts for automatic bill pay.  This affords them the opportunity to pay their bill whenever they like without risking an overdraft on their bank account. As long as there is -$2.99 on the account to cover the cost of each phone number on the account’s renewal date you can add funds to your account whenever you like.

Services Charged:  This is the total cost of your talk time.  Dividing this number by .05 will give you the total amount of minutes used in the last 70 days.

Cleaned Up Transactions:  Your call history reflects the last 70 days of calls received.  Cleaned up transactions is the amount of money you have spent before the first call shown on your call history.

Total:  This is your remaining balance after deducting the cost of service from your total payments.

Subscriptions:  This reflects the time and date that your account is auomatically billed $2.99 for the cost of your telephone number(s).  This section also show the time and date that amount was automatically billed on your account.

Subtotal:  Please keep in mind that all calls are shown in two legs.  The amount of minutes shown in your subtotal reflects the combination of inbound and outbound minutes.  Divide your minutes by 2 if you would like to know how many minutes you have actually used.

We hope this information answers any questions you might have about reading your account.  For answers to any further questions, please, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important Note:  After adding funds to your account, please, do not click the back button or refresh the page.  Doing so can result in duplicate payments.  If you wish to view your balance after making a payment please logout and log back in again.

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