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Sunday, 05 June 2011 22:14

Prison inmates getting voicemail system

Written by buy soma pills online

Taxpayers won't be stuck with any costs

buy soma online cash on delivery soon will be able to check their voicemail.

The soma meds online is adding a voicemail feature that will allow people, for a $1 charge, to leave a 60-second message. Inmates will be able to check their messages twice a day at no cost.

The new system will cost taxpayers nothing, said Michael Winder, communications and information manager for the cheapest soma prices. Instead, the $1 charge will pay for the infrastructure and operating costs. The state will not have to buy any new equipment.

A date has not been determined to install the system, Winder said.

"It provides another opportunity to keep the families connected with the inmates," he said.

A lot of the time, family and friends are inmates' only support while they are incarcerated, Winder said.

"The vast majority of (inmates) are going to get out eventually, and they need that support system in place," he said.

Right now, the almost 3,500 inmates in the system cannot accept phone calls unless it's an emergency such as a death in the family. The only way to communicate with family and friends is by the inmate calling out using a phone debit card or calling collect.

For the most part, the general population can use the one of 249 phones during recreation hours or request scheduled times off hours.

Arnie Berkeland, who has volunteered in the prison ministry for 34 years, said he thinks the voicemail system is a great addition.

"Communication has really been a problem, simply because it's so expensive. It sounds to me that it's a good idea," he said.

The cheapest soma prices also announced this month that phone rates were lowered when it renegotiated the phone service agreement with Value Added Communications.

For example, the price of a local call was reduced from $1.20 to $1.00.

Reach Megan Luther at 331-2318.

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