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A potato gun and other tools in the prison cell phone smuggling trade

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can you buy valium in cambodia At this point, it seems cell phones are pretty much ubiquitous in prisons across the country. Instead of relying on monitored land lines (which are typically either pay phones or make only collect calls), inmates use illegal cell phones to maintain contact with family and friends and some conduct illicit business via the smuggled devices.

30 mg diazepam once Apparently, phones are so widespread, an NPR story reported, that a mother actually called up a Texas prison warden, complaining that her incarcerated son was getting poor reception from his (smuggled) phone.

diazepam for dogs Reports are flooding in from around the country on how these devices are making their way through the pores of prison walls–and some of these smuggling techniques straddle the fine line between genius and absurd:

  • valium talk to frank In South Carolina, authorities say someone used a potato launcher to shoot cellphones into a prison yard from a third of a mile away; in another instance, someone hollowed out a football, filled it with phones, and chucked the ball over the prison fence.

  • buy cheap valium online australia In California, we reported earlier on a study by the Gang Intelligence Center that found evidence that some correctional officers have been involved in sneaking cell phones into prisons.

  • In New Jersey, authorities uncovered what they say was an elaborate scheme involving a corrections officer and several inmates. The officer reportedly made thousands of dollars sneaking cell phones into prison hidden in his boots and protective vest.

  • In Texas, a condemned inmate called a state senator from death row. A report there found phones have been smuggled into high security areas in secret compartments at the bottom of garbage cans and prearranged drop-off sites where inmate work crews frequent and can pick up strategically placed phones.

Recognizing that phones can be a serious problem inside prison, authorities are turning to their own creative means of weeding out phones and cutting their signals. Mississippi is using something called, a “radio frequency umbrella,” which picks up cell signals and determines if they’re coming from approved numbers. South Carolina has asked the FCC for permission to start jamming cell phone signals altogether, something that is probably illegal under federal law, but has been allowed in certain circumstances. (California is exploring similar technologies and Attorney General Jerry Brown has said he supports a federal bill that would make jamming legal.) Several states use dogs to sniff out phones and check out this giant walkie-talkie-like thing that New Jersey uses–it can apparently tell you whether there’s any cell phone nearby. It’s been lighting up all over the state’s prison system.

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