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  • Can an inmate really reach me anywhere?

    An inmate can reach you anywhere. The inmate calling will be able to reach you at home, work or on your cell phone just like anyone else can as long as you accept the call. In fact, many people purchase our service just to allow inmates to make prepaid collect calls to cell phones from jail or prison. This way you can carry on with your day without having to wait by your home phone for your inmate telephone calls. Learn more about our service on our buy soma pills online page.

  • Do I need any special equipment to use your service ?

    No additional equipment is needed. The inmate telephone calls will be made as usual and you will receive them as usual, only cheaper!

  • Can the inmate only use my number to keep in touch with me or can he call all the numbers on his call list ?

    Our service is just like your traditional telephone service. We will issue you a unique local number for each individual that the inmate wishes to call. Those numbers will be local to the jail so that you can get the lowest possible price for the call. Each number would need to be added to his approved call list if required by the jail/prison to make telephone calls. Learn more about our service on our How it aura soma online shop.

  • Do I have to put money on my account that is through the jail ?

    Unfortunately, there is only one company contracted with each jail or prison for inmate calling. These companies include Global Tel Link, Pay Tel, Value Added Communications and PCS to name a few. Since they govern all calls coming out of the jail you cannot get around them entirely. You must give them something for the call. You will still need to set up your account with them as usual but, when you give them the local number we provide, they will charge you much less for the same call. Learn more about our service on our How it aura soma online shop.

  • I lost my accont login information. What do I do now ?

    If you have lost your account login information, and are unable to retreive the email we sent with user name and password, then contact us and we can provide that to you.

  • Can I get this service in Canada ?

    We provide inmate telephone service to Canada and numerous other international destinations. Feel free to check out our order soma mastercard page to see if we can provide service for the country your inmate wishes to call. If you are calling us from outside the United States please dial +011.813.765.3265

  • Do you have a Spanish version ?

    Yes! We now have a version of our website translated to Spanish. Check out our Spanish version of soma bay visa .

  • If an inmate is realeased and have not used all of the minutes, is there a reimbursement ?

    If your inmate is released, and you have funds on your account, we will refund your entire account balance with the exception of $4.99 which is used to process the return. Feel free to take a look at our hgh somatropin buy online for more information.

  • How do I get the inmate the local phone number you give me ?

    There are a couple of options for giving the inmate the new local number that we issue. You can include the number in a letter to the inmate, have it passed on through a mutual acquaintance, or give the number to the inmate on a visit. Please keep in mind that buy soma online cash on delivery has no contact with the inmate or the correctional facility where the inmate is located. It is the customer's responsibility to make the new local number known to the inmate.

  • How do I use your website to access account information ?

    You can access your account 24 hours a day by clicking on the "soma meds online" button at the top to the home page. If you do not remember the login credential that were given to you upon activaton feel free to cheapest soma prices for that information.

  • Can I use a prepaid credit card to make a payment with ?

    With, first time setting up an account we do process a payment over the phone with Visa, MasterCard or Discover. We are able to process prepaid credit or gift cards as long as they have the Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo on the card. soma online discount code to setup your new account today!

  • Do you accept American Express ?

    We accept Visa, Master Card and Discover for your payments. We currently do not accept American Express. Learn more about the cost of our inmate calling plans here:a soma de todos os medos online dublado

  • What if I need less than 300 minutes ?

    buy somatropin hgh online start out at a minimum cost of $17.99. This cost will get you a local number and 300 minutes of use. This is the smallest inmate calling package that we offer but all unused funds will roll over to the next month. Since you have rollover minutes you will not lose any of your unused minutes. Please take a look at our inmate calling plan options for soma cube puzzle

  • Is there a 'startup fee' or a monthly 'member fee' ?

    With our inmate calling service there is a one time, nonrefundable, activation fee of $9.99 that is added to the total cost of all new account activations. There is no member fee but you are responsible for the cost of your renewal each month. Learn more about the cost of our inmate calling plans here: soma buy online

  • Will your service change my cell phone or home in any way ?

    Inmate calling services provided by will not change the way you currently receive calls on your landline or cell phone number nor will it change any arrangement you have with your current telephone service provider. Think of it as adding a second line to your current phone so that your inmate is able to contact you at a significantly cheaper rate! Learn more about our service on our buy soma pills online page.

  • What is the facility service provider and how do I find out what it is ?

    The service provider at jails and prisons are contracted phone companies such as Global Tel Link, Offender Connect or Securus that own the telephones within each particular correctional facility. Since these phone companies own the phones within facilities, you MUST go through their company one way or another in order to receive a call. is an added calling service that cheapens the high rates these phone companies charge for keeping in contact with your loved ones while incarcerated. You can find out which phone company services the jail or prison your loved one is located at by contacting the facility or via the internet. Learn more about our service on our buy soma pills online page.

  • Can the calls come to both my cell and home phone?

    With, each unique number that we setup on your account will only ring through to one number. However you are able to setup as many lines on your account as you would like. In doing this your loved one will be able to contact you no matter where you are whether it be at home, work, or on your cell phone! If your current home number or cell number changes, contact at 1-800-526-1170 to have your local number routed to your new phone number! Learn more about our service on our buy soma pills online page.

  • Is the $2.99 for the Pay-As-You-Go plan a one-time charge or monthly charge ?

    With our inmate calling service buy soma from mexico package, the $2.99 is a monthly charge that will be deducted from your account balance once a month on the day that you initially setup the account with our company. The $2.99 charge is per phone line on your account, so if you have additional lines, please be aware that $2.99 will be deducted from your balance per phone line once a month. Learn more about the cost of our inmate calling plans here:order soma pills online .

  • How many miles away from the jail or prison would I have to live to benefit from your service ?

    A lot depends whether the telephone service provider considers your number to be local or not, or if a local number will even get you the cheapest rate possible. On average if your number is anywhere over 10 to 15 miles away from where the facility is located, even if it is within your same area code, your number will more than likely cost you a high long distance rate from the telephone service provider. With recent changes to call rates within the US, in some areas it is actually cheaper with an out of state number versus a local number in the area. To better assist you please contact us at 1-800-526-1170. Learn more about our service on our buy soma pills online page.

  • How much is the charge for the jail service provider added to the charge for the phone call ?

    Separate from, each jail and prison is contracted with a telephone service provider. With these telephone companies, you must setup a prepaid account using the unique number that we will provide for your inmate to dial. With the phone companies there is usually a $25.00 minimum to put into your new prepaid account with their company. From the $25.00 you put into the prepaid account, the phone company contracted at the facility will be taking an average of $2.00-$3.00 per 15 minute phone call. Learn more about our service on our How it Works page.