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Date of Posting: 12 November 2011
Posted By: tania hollis
cincinnati ohio
Juan, this service is awesome. It is traumatic enough to have a loved one incarcerated but communicating with them can be challenging also. From the beginning Chris and David have been sensitive to my needs and concerns and I have always been treated with respect. Not to mention, I've always gotten my answer. Alan, my son, who is incarcerated, and Chris my grandson who also talks with his dad would certainly support this testimonial and applaud you for the kind service you extend. Thanks so much again, guys..... Danid
Date of Posting: 12 November 2011
Posted By: Danid Haliski
Garibaldi, Oregon
I am so glad that I got on line and checked everything out,especially the testimonials.
I now can talk with my son more often than before. But,only because Chris was a huge help to me.
It's hard to be away from your loved one,and even harder not to get to talk with them. Chris made it happen and I want to say THANK YOU Chris! Also,you are very polite and intelligent with your customer service. You actually care and it's not everyday that you find someone who is helpful and makes your day,all at the same time.Thanks again Chris! Tell your Boss you DESERVE a raise. They better hang on to're valuable. Tammy Alsept
Date of Posting: 12 November 2011
Posted By: Tammy Alsept
Bolivar, Ohio
Chris you are a wonderfull customer services worker to talk to and u solve my promblems with talking to my husband who i miss so much. you put a smile on my face with just letting me know that over the miles a phone call away make a differents. keep up the good work and your satification is appreciated. Ms. Patricia Powell
Date of Posting: 04 November 2011
Posted By: patricia powell
Richmond, VA
I am back to give an updated testimonial. I have been a customer for over 1 year now and I can tell you all it is one of the best things I have found on the internet.I contacted many phone service companies leave a message for someone to return a call most never returned the calls or you got someone you could not understand and or they were making a tuff situation even tougher. Here I am with CJC and I will be a customer until the day my daughter comes home.The reasons why I chose cheapjailcalls.I called left a message and recieved a return call from James the same day.He took the time to explain how the program works what needed to be done to be able to talk with my daughter EVERYDAY for almost nothing a call.When she went to county I had gotten numbers for her to call home immediately.Which the calls were almost $8.00 cheaper than collect calls.Once we knew she was going to state I called back to CJC and asked for numbers for there while she was in county I had gotten numbers for state so she had them when she left and once again she was able to call home right away.Might I add we got the numbers the same day I called to see if they serviced the prison she was going to.
The customer service is outstanding and you could not ask for 2 nicer people to help you out in a very hard time losing a loved one for awhile.I STRONGLY recommend to everyone that needs to keep in touch with their loved ones.How many phone companies do you think would actually take the time to wish mothers, Happy Mothers DAy, Fathers, Happy Fathers Day and so on?CJC does every holiday there is a post on their website for everyone.I opened an online acoount through their website and it is great.The only thing with the online account is you don't get to talk with the guys!!!!!!! So here is a message to Chris and James and the rest of the team!!!!!
You guys are Super could not ask for a more caring and courtious customer service!!!!! I wish you all a Very Safe,and Joyous Holiday season....Go home and enjoy your families someday I will be able to do the same......I don't think you could do anything more to improve your services.....
Thank You so much for all your help and understanding.......
Date of Posting: 26 October 2011
Tower City
It is hard enough to be parted from a loved one and even harder to not be able to talk to them because phone calls are so expensive. I was relieved to find, and very fortunate to talk to Chris who not only was very helpful, but he found a way to reduce what I was paying in long distance charges. I just wanted to say thank you Chris, you went out of your way to help. is fortunate to have someone like you!
Date of Posting: 25 October 2011
Posted By: L
Somebody very special to me is incarcerated in Wyoming and as you can imagine, calls from Wyoming to Australia are ridiculously expensive!
Thanks to cheap jail calls, we can now talk to one another a few times a week or more.. time zones permitting!
This fabulous service costs me one hours pay per month! Also, the convenience of having not only my home phone ring, but my cell phone too, is invaluable! This way, I don't have to sit at home waiting for a call to come in, although I would for him :o)
I had no idea how this would work and I had many questions that needed answering before I set up this service. The help I received was great! Initially there wasn't a 'local' number available, but I had one within just a few days of setting up my account!
I have also set up auto replenish, so I don't have to worry about when I need to top up my account..
Thanks to everyone that helped me and if you are hesitating.. don't, this is a very real and great service!!
Date of Posting: 17 October 2011
Posted By: Christine
I have just started using CheapJailCalls and my son is very happy with as we are. It is saving us a lot of money and our son as well. He can call us more often now than before. I am very thankful that I went online and found CheapJailCalls. I was worried we wouldn't be able to talk to him at all.
Date of Posting: 14 October 2011
Posted By: Carol Young
United States
Ok, so here's the deal......THANK GOD FOR CHEAP JAIL CALLS!!!! We are winding down on an 18-year sentence for my fiance`, Micheal Savage, who is being released from federal prison on November 11, 2011. I found this site (not soon enough, by the way) and have been very happy with the service. It drastically reduces the cost of the calls from a federal prison and even allows the inmate to call more than one number....awesome!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this company to reduce the cost of calls from anyone who is incarcerated. Chris and James are phenomenal; they are real people who love to talk to their customers and will bend over backwards to make a plan work for you.
Date of Posting: 13 October 2011
Posted By: Diane Stephens
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Thank you, thank you! I was spending a fortune on calls to my son. He is quite a distance from his family and this is a huge part of our staying in touch. And to be able to add his fiance for a couple of extra dollars has made staying in touch with his loved ones so much less of a hardship! Bless You!!!
Date of Posting: 13 October 2011
Posted By: Shirri
Bryan, Ohio
wow im very excited about this new telephone service my husband has been in kings county jail for almost a year now ive spent 100's of dollars a month talking to him this service saves me alot of money im so glad for this service i referred my friends and family who also have loved ones in the county jail and they are going to call this service my husband is the one who told me about this service i didnt believe him but then when i called and talked to chris on the phone and he explained to me all the details i tried it and wow it really worked im still so excited about this thanx so much cheap jail calls .com :):)you guys saved me alot of money and now i can talk to my husband alot longer for $15 i was only gettin one call and now $15 gets me 3 calls.
Date of Posting: 07 October 2011
Posted By: ana
i just wanted to take a mim to thank cheep jail calls and james all so for all the help u have gave me i was sent your number buy some one else and no i sending to to every one i meet..your serive has helped so so much more than u will ever no..keep up the good work and all u do to help peole all over the world...u have been a true blessing to me.....p.s.if u thanking about getting service from them its the best decision u can cuz its great u see your savings right away..thanks again to james and the staff for your long days and putting up with me and all the ??????i have all the time.....thanks christine
Date of Posting: 27 September 2011
Posted By: christine tolman

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