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I called multiple companies to find out how the service works. I was surprised to find out for four different phone lines it was only a $37 start up fee which is minutes and activation and $27 a month for all not just one line which includes the minutes and keeping the different phone numbers which are consecutive and easy to remember unlike one service that wanted to give for example last four 6358, 9645 etc. Conscallhome wanted $90 every 3 months for one line and others were around the same amount every month for each line at $27-30 plus $10-$14 activation fees for each line. Our customer service rep was so helpful and patient in explaining the services. I will post more later once we have used the service provided.
Date of Posting: 25 January 2014
Posted By: ANGELA
Kansas City, Missouri
Really greate service
Date of Posting: 04 January 2014
Posted By: ivan catalan
Excellent service I called trying to set up an account with them & they told me I already have the cheapest call with the provider securus which I've been using I was just looking for something cheaper and I'm glad he didn't try to scam me for my money anyways good website will defiantly recommend
Date of Posting: 23 December 2013
Posted By: Cali
San Diego
Here I am again to post a testamonial !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You guys and your service are so freakin AWESOME!!!!!!! I guess I should check my account more often lol. I can not say enough about CJC the service is outstanding and the customer service is SUPER I highly reccomend this service. I have been a customer since 8-2010 and I have not had a problem with the service. When I checked my account I said before I paid 1.27 for a 15 minute phone call I must correct that for a 15 minute phone call it costs me .30 yes I said .30. Last month I won 300 free minutes I doubt there is another company out there that offers that to their customers.Our time is nearing but I will miss you people so much but I will call now and again just to check in . The customer service is like no other that I have ever dealt with they all make you feel like family. So if anyone reads up on the testamonials for CJC it is all real there is no hidden fees there is no BS there isn't 1 customer service rep that has ever been rude , you can understand them all, they are very patient with you and they help with all the questions you have........ So here's a high 5 to you all keep up the good work and the awesome service.... Rhonda and I appreciate you all soooooooooooo very much !!!!!!!!!
Thanks again
Lori Gettle
Date of Posting: 03 October 2013
Posted By: Lori Gettle
In the age of automated lines and online communication it is rare to hear actual human voices. I couldn't have been more happy to hear two such voices today. Natalie showed me that there are still people who are willing to go the extra mile for their customers. Chris renewed my faith in customer business loyalty. The two of them represent the type of people that make cheapjailcalls a company I will always feel proud to recommend to others. I can't thank them enough!
Date of Posting: 01 October 2013
Posted By: Jamahla Gilliam
Chris & Nadine, What can I say? THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! WITH OPEN ARMS (o/) I am so sorry for all that I have caused with my numerous calls but only to discover iy was a call forwarding issue outside from CJC, Thank you for being so polite, patient & kind to me! I am so happy with your hard effort & awesome advantage to be able to have this option to speak to my husband! I was so sad because the amount of money I paid only allowed me 2 calls & now I'm sure I'm gonna enjoy this! God bless you...
Date of Posting: 28 September 2013
Posted By: Anna Solis
Alamo, Tx
I highly recommend It is a shock when a relative or friend enters the jail system. My first call was something like $20 for 15 minutes. I researched cheaper alternatives where you can get a local number. This site had the best ratings on the BBB sites, etc. I thought it won't hurt to try. It is working extremely well. The quality of the calls are clear. In addition, it is one of the only offerings I have seen where you can add a line for a nominal amount. My relative can call me and two others in the family when we are all three in different locations. Each of us has our number. The rate is very reasonable. The customer service is also extremely helpful. This business makes it affordable to be able to keep in touch with loved ones in jail or prison.
Date of Posting: 21 September 2013
Posted By: Susan
Cheapjailcalls has been a big help in being able to talk to my partner in prison. In 2010 he was in the provincial system and when he called me it would cost me approximately $50 a call with all the setup fees and long distance. At that time I was living in the states. Now he is in the federal system and I knew that I had to find something cheaper to help us be able to stay in touch. The phone calls without Cheapjailcalls would of cost me a price that would of limited the times we could talk, long distance charges, setup fees and everything else. I found Cheapjailcalls and it cost me $.05 a minute and it cost him $.57 a call so it has saved me lots of money and able to talk to each other every night and sometimes twice a day for only $27.99 a month on my end. This gives us approximately 500 minutes because it cost you $2.99 to get a phone number and keep it. The people at Cheapjailcalls are very helpful in assisting you if you have a problem. I have told people about it when they talk about the expense of being able to talk to the inmate.
Date of Posting: 13 September 2013
Posted By: Jane
Peterborough, Ont
I loved this service. Easy to use, and I saved a ton of money. Instead of paying $3.50 for a call I paid $1.22. Wish I knew about this site sooner!!! Would definately refer anyone to use this!! Thank you!!
Date of Posting: 16 August 2013
Posted By: Daria
CJC is awesome!!! I needed something that was cheaper then what I was paying for my guy to call me from the prison and my biggest worry was some place that would scam me...That is NOT the case here, CJC is cheap, friendly, and I would recommend them to anyone. Anytime I had a question I got a reply back right away. I wanted to switch my house phone to my cell phone and they called back within 5 minutes and set it all up for me. I love that I got a reminder to my email on my phone when I was at $5.00 so I could add more to my service and not have it get blocked. CJC is great and thanks to them I could talk to my man a few times a day instead of once with all the money I saved. Thank You Guys!!!
Date of Posting: 12 August 2013
Posted By: Jennifer Hanna
I dont know where I would be without CJC.. This has been the toughest time in our lives and Chris and co have been nothing but wonerful and kind. The cost is unbelievable and the customer service superior. On behalf of myself and my son THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.!!!!

Karen K
Date of Posting: 19 April 2013
Posted By: Karen K
New York
I have no words to thank you! Never heard of this company before. OMG! You guided me through everything. I had an account set up within minutes! and even told me what to do next! Great customer service! I must admit...CheapJailCalls You guys are AWESOME! ...My thousand thank you!!!! Very Strongly RECOMMENDED!
Date of Posting: 19 April 2013
Posted By: Ambar Munoz

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