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I just would like to say that who ever created this is a GENIUS!!!!!! I have saved so much money with cheap jail calls that when i first found out about it i could not believe it was true. Before making an account here, i had to pay $9 for each 15 minute call and after getting the account my calls dropped to $2... i went from spending $50 every two to three days to $20 a week or even longer!!!! Believe me this will save you a lot of money and you get to talk to your family without worrying about your wallet!
Date of Posting: 28 April 2011
Posted By: Hajar
arlington, va
I just want to say thanks for everything you do for me on a monthly basis. You have the best customer service. You call me every month to make sure everything is ok. My calls are extremely cheaper than any other company. I love you guys so much I had to refer you and they took my offer. Thanks again for everything. Keep up the good work !!!!!
Date of Posting: 28 April 2011
Posted By: Anita Cannon
Charlotte, NC
This company is an oasis in a desert of poor service and outrageously high call prices. I spent three hours on the internet looking for a good inmate phone service and waded through a lot of ripoffs. I am glad I found James and Chris. The best.
Date of Posting: 22 April 2011
Posted By: Robert
Columbia, Maryland
Hands down...the best customer service I have ever received. Chris was terrific. He answered all my questions patiently, and was a wealth of knowledge. I called pretty late to get activated...Chris thought my number would go into effect the next day. Nope, he had me up and running 10 minutes later, and the number has worked like a charm. I have used other similiar services, and cheapjailcalls(CJC) is by far the best, and most economical. Calls went from $3.65 to .90 cents...doesnt geet better than that. Thanks Chris. My best to everyone at CJC!!
Date of Posting: 19 April 2011
Posted By: Michele
All of our family are so thankfull to you Chris and the entire staff that is working with you. Great service, excellent service from u guys. To all the people who are searching for a way to talk cheaper to your family members who unfortunately are in jail well stop searching and contact chris and the entire staff and you guys are set up for good. They have great service and its a cheap way of calling your family members, when i first check out the website look at the testimonials and i said this is the service i was looking for. So I will recommended to everyone our entire family members are now getting the service. Once again thanks Chris we can talk with our family member 30 minutes for $2.00 this is great. I recommended to everyone. Thanks we look forward for the spanish service Chris
Date of Posting: 18 April 2011
Posted By: Jose Covarrubias
OK I know I wrote today already. But I had to call again for more minutes. Chris and James are the best people I have ever delt with. They Make calling so easy, Whats even nicer is they remember who they talk to. Your the best guys. Linda Lauretta
Date of Posting: 18 April 2011
Posted By: Linda Lauretta
New Jersey
Again I would like to thank everyone there for the kindness you give to me. Who ever hires everyone should take a bow because these people are the nicest and most caring people to talk to. I wish I could give you all a raise. You deserve it. Thanks again and again. Linda Lauretta
Date of Posting: 18 April 2011
Posted By: Linda Lauretta
new jersey
Have had a great experience with using Cheap Jail Calls and they were able to save me tons of money on phone calls. I was at first paying $25 a phone call and now am paying $3! What a difference! Great customer service as well!
Date of Posting: 13 April 2011
Posted By: Alina Voronova
I CANT SPEAK HIGHLY ENOUGH FOR THIS SERVICE. If you are reading this than you already know how bad you are getting ripped off and how unhelpful the systems like PCS are that service these jails. Example of my experience with PCS was that I received a call from inside the jail and there was a 5.52 connection charge and they charged 1.01 a minute on top of that. I talked for 12 minutes and the total charge was 17.64, that leaves me with 7.36 left in my account. WRONG!!! They said there was no money because of extra charges.

I spoke with James on the phone and he was EXTREMELY helpful in answering any and all questions and even clarifying the answers he had already given me. He was calming to talk to and VERY VERY HELPFUL!

In a time when your already hurting and feeling such emotional pain it is nice to know that someone is there to help you instead of ripping you off as the jail "system" and or associates set in place are set up to do.

Date of Posting: 13 April 2011
Posted By: Chad Linnon
Charlotte, NC
These were the the most polite people I have ever talk to. Thank you for everything you made this bad time for me much easier. I cant say how wonderful everyone I talk to was. Thank you again Linda Lauretta.
Date of Posting: 12 April 2011
Posted By: Linda Lauretta
new jersey
Incredible, Helpful, and dedicated service. And unlike most other things attached to jail services they are not trying to rake you for all youre worth. Chris and James are so great to talk with and work hard to work out whatever phone problem you may have even if its not on their end. Their charge is totally reasonable and the service super! A+ guys! Thanks for saving me so much! Long distance calls went from costing nearly $8.00 for 10 min to a mere $2.30 for 10 min...much better! :) Thanks so much!
Date of Posting: 22 March 2011
Posted By: Lydia
Ive been using this for about 3 wks and i have nothing bad to say at all. Because i am in a differant state than my brother every call i paid the $25.00 and the call was ended after 8 minutes. This service have truely been a life saver, and paid for itself after the 1st call. I am very happy there is something like this available to make hard times a little easier.. Also ive spoken to Chris every time ive called and i couldnt ask for better customer service.. Thank you and keep up the good work. Danyell
Date of Posting: 16 March 2011
Posted By: Danyell King

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